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smiling attack dog ?

April 26, 2009

 Due to a surge of breakins in my neighborhood….. I’ve decided to turn my new black lab  puppy ” bear ” into a attack dog.

the problem is he doesn’t look very mean ,  I bought him a collar with big spikes and propped his ears up with extra hold mousse in a effort to make him look more like a doberman pinscher.

while I admit it isn’t the same …he isn’t helping because he won’t stop smiling

A  attack dog looks meaner with a sneer… today I hung up posters of all the famous tough  guys like James Dean , Elvis and Billy idol !
( it was at this point my wife packed the kids up and went to live with her mother  )

 I’ ve tried giving  him peanut butter in hopes that it would stick to the roof of his mouth , this did have the desired effect but only for a few minutes….. I’m at a loss , how do I make him sneer instead of a smile ?…………~Dave

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