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May 8, 2009


 The room was sweltering hot and it felt like I had been held captive  for days . I was drifting in and out of consciousness with what felt like a hundred pound weight on my chest  , breathing became impossible.

 I could tell the end was coming soon though , I could hear the evil ones minions scratching at the door .

 As  the door creaked open ,  I soon had four minions on my chest , each fighting and swatting at one another so that they could have me all to them selves , sharp l little tongues licked my face .

“BLARG LA BLA BLA ! ” screeched the evil one as she entered the room………  the minions scattered !

 she stood above me with red eyes glowing  , horns protruding  from her scalp……… “you’ ll never get me to confess……I’d rather be dead ”  bellowed I !  As she moved  toward me  I lost consciousness.

  I felt cool water dripping off  of my forehead , even though my eyes were still blurry I could now see my beautiful wife, my angel , not the hideous creature I had witnesses only moments before .

“evil” , I was pointing to where the minions were now busy fighting  over my shoe lace.

” the kitty’s only wanted to see you , you are such a baby when your sick ‘  she teased ”  .

I asked  if you were hungry , I would bring you breakfast in bed” .  I nodded as I cautiously looked around the room. oh, and we’ll talk about this “confession ” later.

as she stood up her giant wings started flapping and as she flew out of the room , her long spiky tail knocked me off the bed.

from the floor ,  I watched the minions prance off after her , I could only wounder, is it’s  possible for cold medicine be used to extract a confession?…….~Dave

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