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69 DAYS………..

July 8, 2011

September 14 ,2011 was supposed to be a great day for me , that’s right , 69 days from now would have been my one year anniversary for staying sober and stopping smoking . Well I still get to celebrate a year with out smokes!…. but due to recent events , I completely fell off the wagon.

This is not a feel sorry for myself moment , in fact the main reason I stopped drinking was to help get past the smoking thing.  In October I will turn 41 and I have been smoking on and off ( mostly on ) since I was 12 .

my breathing now is so much better , in fact I run 8 miles every other day and have a goal of running a marathon next year  if my old man knees will work with me !

Yes there have been times when beer has gotten the best of me , just looking and my previous attempts at humor is evidence of that !

At times I am tempted to erase my old stories because I don’t feel  they are very good ,but I won’t do that because even though I have a hard time expressing my self on paper ( or lab top )  I  still want to keep them around .

Humor has always been my way of dealing with everyday life , I just wish I had the skill to put what actually goes through my mind in writing ( if I had only stayed in school ) .

As I sit here enjoying a beer , I am once again tempted to wade into the creative side of myself again. It has been a long time since I tried to write ( not smoking and being pissed off , confused and completely  irrational doesn’t lend itself to humor very well ) so I will at least blog about everyday crap for now.

I do look forward to visiting some  friends on here and I notice some interesting insert buttons I must explore !

until next time , thanks for visiting …~Dave

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